Li Tung

An artist crossing many genres, I work in two- and three-dimensional arts including painting, visual and installation arts, photography, calligraphy, performing art, impromptu dance, stage design, as well as game and multimedia design and creative writing.

My recent works depict a future landscape or parallel universe that has emerged after the fall of human civilization. Environmental issue is not an uncommon theme in contemporary arts. However, I opt to explore the angle that few people are willing to face: What if we have missed the opportunity to stop the inevitable doom? What will happen after our existing world has come to an end?

For many years, various movies, novels, comics, and urban legends have attempted to depict the Post-Anthropocene world. They may approach it with suspicion, fear, concern, avoidance, pursuit, resistance, or expectation. These attempts constitute a huge cryptosystem about the new world. Navigated by my subconsciousness, my works are intertwined with these attempts. With my series, I would like to invite audiences to explore with me this surreal world.

Contemporary arts is increasingly inclined to link with text and requires debates and discussions as part of the appreciation. It has thus become an extension of literature. People have become accustomed to understand the world through words, encoding all forms of expression with words. However, I am more interested in exploring the non-verbal aspects of visual arts. Time after time, the works that no words can describe are the works that have brought life-changing experiences to me. Therefore, I focus on discovering the profoundness in contemporary arts purely in images which are means of expression much more ancient than words. My works aim to evoke audiences to feel directly through the body and the mind.

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Inspiring and amazing artist.

His works all have much character to them. Each gives off a particular mood that captivates you entirely. - Anonymous