Fallen City (2020)

Fallen City is an interactive performance integrating cross-cultural music, video projection, scenographic installation, phone app, and audience participatory activities. This project reflects the increasing concern of a major earthquake in Vancouver. Research shows that there is a 1 in 4 chances for Vancouver to have another major earthquake within the next 50 years. This project fuses arts and science to raise the awareness of earthquake risks, and to honour those who have lost their lives to earthquakes around the world. Fallen City is a collaboration with Proliferasian and Sound of Dragon Society. It will be presented at the Annex Theatre in Vancouver in September 2020.

Crossing Mountains & Seas (2019)

Crossing Mountains & Seas is an interdisciplinary production that fuses contemporary and aerial dance, original music with Chinese traditions, and interactive multimedia projection. The performance is a journey through an imaged video game that crosses over modern day Canada and a magical world of prehistoric Asia as described in the ancient book Shan Hai Jing or the Classic of Mountains & Seas.

Crossing Mountains & Seas celebrates how the various creatures in Shan Hai Jing had lived in harmony with each other, which is a metaphor of an ideal multi-cultural society that we are seeking today. Within an imaged role-playing video game, players can interact and collaborate, no matter what their nationality, ethnicity, physical appearance, age, and gender would be. The production also showcases the creative aspects of gaming and the infinite possibilities of video technology.


This collaboration with Orchid Ensemble, Aeriosa Dance Society, and Chimerik was given two performances at the Vancouver Playhouse and Nanaimo’s Port Theatre in July 2019.

Mountain High River Flow – Chinese Landscape Painting & Music (2018)

Chinese classical music is often thematic, and the natural scenery is a major source of inspiration. Mountains, waterfalls, rivers, rain and even heavy storms can all be expressed with musical gestures. The natural scenery is the most important subject in Chinese classical brush painting. There are specific techniques used to paint the mountains, trees, flowers, and rivers with ink and rice paper. The commonality between Chinese painting and music is the use of space, the sense of breath. Also, both art forms are based on a linear approach: traditionally, Chinese music is developed melodically/horizontally, rather than western music’s chordal/vertical approach. Chinese classical painting takes viewers to travel across the scroll, where various elements reveal one after another. Featuring Taiwanese artist Li Tung and musician Dailin Hsieh, this event was presented by the SFU David Lam Centre.

Music of the Heavens (2017)

Music of the Heavens is a multicultural creation of live music and multimedia animated visuals that tell ancient astrological stories. The artists re-interpret the cosmological stories and oral histories from their own cultural heritages — Greek, Taiwanese, and the Indigenous’ Haudenosaunee culture, and explore the meeting of cultures in their collaborative process with community members, where unique stars signifying individuals’ heritage were made. Each story is connected to a season, and characters from the heavenly world travel through time and space as the night unfolds, highlighting different cultural beliefs. This collaboration with the Orchid Ensemble (Vancouver) and the Centre for Culture and Technology of UBC Okanagan was performed at the Norman Rothstein Theatre, Vancouver, and Rotary Centre for the Arts, Kelowna, BC.

Light Shadow Fire (2016)

Light Shadow Fire is the spontaneous interaction between improvising musicians and visual artists from Taipei, London, and Vancouver. The programme explores improvisation in the context of new works by Lan Tung, Lisa Cay Miller, and Ron Samworth, as well as Li Tung’s live painting. This collaboration with NOW Society kicked off the 2016 Sound of Dragon Music Festival at the Western Front.

Sound of Dragon Music Festival (2016)

The meeting of two of the most creative pianists from the West and the East, this exciting concert will feature Paul Plimley (Vancouver) and Shih-Yang Lee (Taiwan), the two piano geniuses on ONE piano. Plimley will also switch to electric guitar and vibraphone at some point to give Lee some extra elbow space. Joining them are Taiwanese painter and writer Li Tung and Taiwanese Canadian erhu player Lan Tung. This is improvisation crossing the disciplines of music and visual arts. Li improvises with large brush and bold colour inks over large canvas surrounded by the musicians. It is a feast to the ears and eyes.

Make Music Festival (2011~)

Li Tung is a member of MAFIA Ensemble, the leading force in Taiwan’s experimental and improvisational arts scene and the producer of the annual Make Music Festival with performances in various cities in Taiwan. In addition, the group leads outreach workshops and gives lectures at numerous universities in Taiwan.

Moon World (2011)

Created in collaboration with composer/musician/improviser Lan Tung, Moon World is a graphical music composition for improvising musicians. This piece is inspired by the unique landscape of Moon World in Tainan, Taiwan. Resembling the surface of the moon, the chalk soil in this area has prevented the growth of grass and trees. The score combines three systems of musical notations: graphic notation, cipher notation (numbers), and conventional staff notation. Taiwanese painter/novelist Li Tung’s landscape painting of Moon World has inspired the piece and provided the basic structure. The painting itself has become a part of the score, and the score is at the same time the artwork. This piece has been given multiple performances, including Proliferasian’s concerts at the 2012 & 2015 Vancouver International Jazz Festival and 2018 Festival International De Musique Actuel in Victoriaville, QC.